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Get ready to make your first steps in the uNiq earth metaverse. Here, multiple experiences exist that let you share NFTs and combine them in different ways. As the second project after the uNiq Diamond collector experience, uNiq Diamond Gladiators lead you into a world of Adventures Storytelling and turn based strategic combat.


This early claiming is an opportunity to get ahead of the competition and be prepared for the launch of the new Gladiator experience. The collection represents a limited set of NFTs with unique attributes. We grant that the 1st generation of Gladiators consists of the most skilled and powerful gladiators.

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Meet our stunning Gladiator NFT collection

Be among the first to own unique, limited-edition NFTs of fearsome gladiators before the game's official release. These digital warriors are not just collectibles; they're your ticket to unparalleled in-game advantages and prestige.


Gladiator have special gemslots to upgrade their skills. As a uNiq Diamond holder, you have a great opportunity to use it to enhance your gladiator.

1 Gemslot:Common2 Gemslots:Uncommon3 Gemslots:Rare

A gladiator can have a different predefined role in a team. We call this role “specification”. The specification defines the main strengths and abilities of a Gladiator and helps to build your own tactics in the game. Each specification has several subclasses where only certain races have access to it. So, the combination of a particular race and a specification grants your Gladiator unique skills and abilities.

There are 4 specifications

Defensive Melee
Offensive Melee

Gladiators' stat is based on their race with a faction affinity. Your gladiator 's faction could change over progress in the storyline, as it's a living game environment. A team can't combine gladiators of opposite affinity. The game provides in solo story experience missions linked to factions, and only gladiators of not opposite affinity can be part of such a mission team. At the start we present order, unbound and chaos factions:

There are 3 factions:

Order:elves, pandas, angels, humans
Unbound:humans, elementals
Chaos:apes, lichknights, demons, humans

Unlock in-game power

Unique blockchain-based gladiators, each possessing distinct abilities and strengths, participate in team-to-team battles. A team is composed of 5 gladiators of not opposite factions. The in-game economy rewards players with uniq adventures ecosystem token DDust (DiamondDust) for successful battles and allow them to enhance the gladiator skills with each victory.

DiamondDust can be used to upgrade gladiators with in game assets like weapons and armours or weak power up gems (the stronger power up gems are uNiq Diamonds from the uNiq Diamonds collector experience). The stronger versions of weapons and armour become tradeable NFTs by themselves, and the only way to get hands on them is by gather enough Diamond Dust to be able to create them.

Our ecosystem includes a marketplace, a gladiator team combat and storyline experience that allow u earn DiamondDust DDust rewards, and the  uNiq diamond collector experience, enabling users to formulate their own economic strategies. Game mechanics permit players to upgrade their warriors using gemstones (uNiq diamond NFTs), which can be minted within uNiq Diamonds or traded on the marketplace. Once acquired, Gladiator NFTs are accessible in your DMD marketplace profile. You have the option to receive offers on these tokens, list the NFTs for sale, or simply hold onto them until the story line DAO votings and the team combat experience launches.


We are looking for a content writer for our uNiq team!

Happy to announce a writing contest with a cool reward for the winner. If you are a fantasy enthusiast with creative imagination, we invite you to build a cool universe story for our projects. You can show yourself by sending an email to our team. Just provide us with some short description about yourself and a portfolio, and we will get in touch with you and describe the next steps.


Community and rewards

Monthly Tournaments

Members of our NFT community enjoy monthly tournaments with a prize pool, making it the most exciting way to showcase your gladiatorial skills.


Players unite into the communities to receive additional bonus attributes to their teams, participate in special events and have a group challenges that require cooperation between guild members.


Our Gladiator NFT owners automatically gain access to an exclusive leaderboard, where they can compete for prestige and unique rewards.

Exclusive Discord Channel

Gain entry to our exclusive NFT owner's Discord channel, where you can interact with developers, participate in Q&A sessions, and share strategies with fellow collectors.

Community Challenges

Join forces with other NFT owners to complete community challenges and unlock unique rewards that enhance your gladiator's capabilities. The challenges can affect the whole game world by changing the storyline.

VIP Access

To become an owner of a 1st generation uNiq gladiator is real prestige, but that lucky ones who got their hands on a rare gladiator, will have true VIP privileges on upcoming events. There are only 333 rare 1st generation gladiator NFTs exist.

Follow the Gladiators game community

Gladiators roadmap

DMD Diamond v4 Blockchain mainnet release

We are supporting the DMD Diamond v4 Blockchain mainnet release and develop already on top of the alpha and beta DMD Diamond v4 blockchain version to be ready for mainnet launch and to be familiar with the unique random numbers abilities that blockchain will provide us

DMD Marketplace development

As the main cornerstone of the uNiq adventures ecosystem, uNiq Marketplace is developed, it allows users to trade their uNiq NFT assets of all of our available experiences

First uNiq experience 'uNiq Diamonds' is launched

This is a paradise for collectors, who want to create true rare assets based on a very limited resource (DMD Diamond). All participants play following the same ruleset with no manipulation available using free unpredictable DMD Diamond random numbers' engine

1st generation of uNiq Gladiators NFTs is minted

The 1st generation of diamond gladiators is preminted and becomes available for claiming. The DMD Diamond random numbers' engine is used for choosing a Gladiator NFT from the pool of available warriors according to the race, rarity and number of NFTs claimed

First outside of just collecting/trading of uNiq earth NFT usecases are created.

The core base experience is developed. The core version supports strategic team building, equip and upgrade ur gladiators, leads 5 gladiator teams trough turn based story line quests and player vs player 5vs5 gladiator contests. You will be rewarded with DiamondDust token currency that is shared across all the uNiq earth Adventures experiences and can be used to craft weapons and armor for your gladiator.

uNiq Gladiators storyline experience upgrades

In future, uNiq uncommon and rare gladiators of first generation can participate in storyline decisions, get dao voting rights and qualify for landownership to become lords and barons or knights and priests or even kings and queens in a struggling world where many factions aim to reach their goals with diplomacy or the power of armies or even by utilizing the more shady tools of the night (spies intrigues and magic corruption).

... add a few more roadmap steps in our plan

uNiq earth metaverse is going to become a place to experience large-scale fantasy epic adventures similar to the famous Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones or Star Wars. Our main peculiarity is that you will have impact on how the story develops, and you own a part of the metaverse.

Get updates when the NFTs are available for claiming

We guarantee that there are only 10000 uNiq diamond gladiators of 1st generation exist. The next generations of the NFTs will have weaker attributes than the 1st generation. Be among the first and get your benefits before the game release.


Gladiators FAQ


Gladiator NFT is an ERC-721 token minted on the DMD blockchain. The collection of Gladiator NFTs is limited and consists of 10000 tokens for the first presale batch. The NFTs will be used in the Play-to-Earn Gladiator game as warriors united into the team to battle against other Gladiators on the Arena. Each Gladiator NFT has race, specification, rarity as well as a unique set of attributes.

Play-to-earn games are online games that let players earn rewards with real-world value by completing tasks, battling other players and progressing through various game levels. These rewards come in the form of in-game assets like crypto tokens, virtual land, as well as skins, weapons and other NFTs. Due to the decentralized nature of these games, players can buy, transfer and sell these in-game assets outside of the game’s virtual world in exchange for real money.

The Gladiator NFTs can be purchased in the Gladiator NFT shop. You need to choose the number of NFTs, rarity and faction of your Gladiator and you will receive the token randomly according to the parameters selected. Before being claimed, the NFTs are kept on the smart contract, so no one has influence on the NFT you receive. Possible tokens which can be obtained can be found on the showcase page.

Our team works on the Gladiator game in parallel with the first batch of Gladiator NFTs presale. The NFTs will be used in the game to form a team of 5 warriors to participate in team to team battles and earn rewards. Further presale batches will include armour and weapon NFTs to enforce the Gladiator NFTs attributes.

The Gladiator NFTs can be upgraded with cut uNiq diamonds, which influence the attribute values. Each Gladiator has a particular number of gemslots where the uNiq diamonds can be placed. You can dig and cut uNiq diamonds here.

Straight after the purchase, the Gladiator NFTs appear on the DMD marketplace, and they can receive offers from other users to be bought. You, as an owner, are not obliged to sell and can keep them for the future game participation. Or you can list the NFTs for sale with fixed price or auction.

After being purchased, the Gladiator NFTs appear on the DMD marketplace  and can be found in your Profile ("Owned" tab). Please log in to have access to the Profile page.

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